Monday, October 6, 2008

Okole asks a good question

Okole did ask a really good question- "Where's our BLARM?"

You see, I'm not really sure if my e-Crush is all that healthy. I look forward to Wankergirl's rambles and burping with way too much enthusiasm. Sort of like when you were in high school and had physics with that girl and she ended up as your lab partner but all you could talk about was physics because she was way too cool for you even though she didn't put that out there. You know, that girl who caused you to get those stupid butterflies in your stomach like three hours before 5th period, and physics suddenly became your favorite subject even though you couldn't measure a wave to save your life?

Ok, so no, there's no butterflies. Not really. But, I admit to my e-crush and can't help but think that the guy that she chooses to hang out with is one lucky butthole.

Anyway, Wankergirl, where's the new BLARM?

and yes, I've linked you again and I bet you look to see what's written out of some curiosity. "What are those WoW-nerds saying about me?" Right?

and yes, I've made a Wankergirl label :P

EDIT: Now I feel like an ass. She put up a VIDEOCAST!

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Wanker said...

And I am recording a new show as we speak :)